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Date:              08-12-21 Longtitude: 52 04' 19" N Sunrise:         8:38
UPDATE Time: 23:39 Latitude:     4 38' 29" E Sunset:          16:30  
Station Name: BoskoopWeather Elevation:    -5 m Moon Phase:  Waxing Crescent
Location:        Boskoop The Netherlands
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Current Weather at Boskoop:


Radar - The Netherlands

Temperature: 3.8 C Dew Point: 1.8C
Humidity: 87 % Wind Chill: 2.8C
Wind:           SSE at 0.0km/hr   THW Index: 2.7C
High Wind: 35.4 km/hr at 6:52 Heat Index: 3.7C
Barometer: 999.6  hPa and Rising Slowly Current Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/hr
Today's Rain: 1.2  mm Monthly Rain: 32.8 mm
Storm Total: 11.2  mm Yearly Rain: 931.6 mm
Solar Radiation: 0 W/m EvapoTranspiration: 0.71 mm
High Solar Rad.: 301 W/m at 12:41    

Forecast: Mostly cloudy and cooler. Precipitation possible within 12 hours, possibly heavy at times. Windy.  

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